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Sea Pearl Quartzite

Sea Pearl Quartzite

Wherever you go, you're usually using a countertop of some kind. Whether you're checking in at the dentist, waiting in the lobby of a small business or gathering your family in the kitchen for dinner, you're likely encountering a countertop. And sometimes you take real notice of those countertops because of their shine, beauty, color or overall ability to bring a room together. That's what we hope you get when you choose a sea pearl quartzite countertop from Paramount Stone Company.

Why is it called Sea Pearl Quartzite?

Cut directly from a slab mined from the Earth, sea pearl quartzite has a beautiful combination of white and grey, brown, cream or blue hues in a marble-like pattern, given the impression of a granite countertop. The stone itself is quarried from Brazil and features a flowing design, like that of ocean waves. The pattern tends to promote tranquility as it features fewer lines and more blending of colors between the white and gray hues.

Pairing your Sea Pearl Quartzite

If you are looking to accent your kitchen, bathroom or commercial space with dark blues or grays, you may want to consider going with a sea pearl quartzite countertop. The slab will balance out the use of darker colors in your space and brighten up the room. It's also a nice compliment to the use of white cabinetry or stainless-steel appliances and accessories throughout your living space.

Can I use Sea Pearl Anywhere else?

Yes. While the material is typically used as kitchen counters, you can use this color and design as a backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom. Sea pearl quartzite is found in other places such as bathrooms, floors, backsplashes and commercial spaces.

Treating Sea Pearl Quartzite

It's essential to understand your finish and treatments options when it comes to a quartzite countertop. Because these pieces are cut from natural-occurring stone, sealing them before use in your home or business is very important. You can decide on a brushed or polished finish, both of which will need to be re-applied once or twice a year, depending on the amount of use. For proper maintenance of your countertops, we highly recommend you follow these guidelines:


  • Use coasters especially under glasses that contain alcoholic or citrus juices
  • Use trivets or mats to protect your counters from heat
  • Dust these surfaces regularly
  • Blot up spills immediately



  • Use chemicals that contain ammonia, bleach, vinegar or all-purpose cleaners
  • Use grout cleaners or tub and tile cleaners
  • Use abrasive cleaning supplies
  • Use Alkaline cleaners not made for natural stone

Following these guidelines will ensure that you get the best and most prolonged use out of your countertops. If you are unsure of how to care for your sea pearl quartzite countertop and need an expert's advice, let us know. We are here to help you and want to see you maintain the beauty of your quartzite countertops.

Sea Pearl Quartzite
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