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Squirrel Removal Markham

Squirrel Removal Markham

Many people don’t consider squirrels as pesky critters. Often, they keep to themselves in the wild until you hear some noise coming from your attic and realize a squirrel family has taken residence in your home. The best thing to do in such a situation is call us at SIA Wildlife Control ( for squirrel removal in Markham. While these adorable animals look harmless, they can cause considerable damage and harm - making them a pest in your home.

Reasons Why You Need Professional Squirrel Removal Services

If you’ve heard strange noises above your head or seen squirrels coming in and out of your roof, it's best to call in professional squirrel removal services as soon as possible. Here are the reasons why you don’t want these cute, furry animals living in your attic.

  • Bad Odor

Squirrels, like other animals, die. And if they do while still in your attic, the stench alone from the decay and rotting isn’t anything to smile about.

  • Unhygienic

Squirrels are in the same family as rats and, therefore, quite unsanitary. The furry critters carry diseases, and you risk getting rabies if they bite you. They also bring insects, feces, among other kinds of unpleasant things, into your home. As such, it's important to hire experts to solve the squirrel problem.

  • Property Destruction

Squirrels can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in damaged property. These rodents will chew on the wood in your house, drag in scraps from outside for their nests, or even burrow in some of the items in your home. Basically, anything fluffy and comfortable will make excellent nesting items for squirrels.

  • Unsafe

While squirrels look harmless, they are, in reality, very unsafe. These little creatures are quite unpredictable, and they can scratch and bite you if you go too close to them. In addition, they leave behind pheromones that can attract other wild animals into your property. The wild animals will try to break into your house and cause significant damage. A professional has the equipment needed to guarantee effective removal of squirrels from your property.

  • Chewed Wires

Squirrels can chew joices and wiring in your attic. If you notice your power has issues and you’ve heard squirrels scurry in your rafters, they could be the cause. If squirrels find cables and wiring, you can be sure that they’ll enjoy gnawing on them. Exposed wires are not only unsafe, but they can also result in the malfunctioning of electrical appliances and fires.

  • Droppings

The droppings left behind by squirrels are smelly, toxic, and unsightly. They are also unsafe for small pets and kids. Squirrel droppings contain bacteria, viruses, parasites, among other pathogens that can cause illnesses.

Squirrel Removal and Wildlife Control Experts

As cute as squirrels may be, they can compromise you and your family’s safety. Inside your house, squirrels nest in the attic and gnaw on electrical wires, walls, and wooden support beams. Squirrels usually travel on power lines, which can result in electrical shorts. To avoid these and more problems, contact us today on +1 647-715-6262 for squirrel removal in Markham.

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SIA Wildlife Control Inc. offers wildlife removal (squirrels, raccoons & more) and pest control to homeowners in Markham, York Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Our staff are trained and licensed to deal with a wide variety of pests and unwanted wildlife in the GTA, while also removing animals humanely, with their well-being in mind.

Squirrel Removal Markham
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