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Stone Fabricators Long Island

Stone Fabricators Long Island

AG Marble is among the best stone fabricators in Long Island. When you talk about the top Long Island stone fabrication companies, you are sure to come across this name. It came into existence 40 years back and has been since ruling the industry in the New York tri-state region.

Long Island Fabrications

You should always consider choosing the best fabricator in the area for your residential or commercial project. This is because only the best fabrication company with experience can give you the desired results. Natural stone is very hard to work with, especially when it comes to installation. Therefore, you should always do some research about the companies you choose and read reviews about the same beforehand.

We are reliable Long Island stone fabricators with 40-year experience of dealing with stones. We deal with more than 200 different varieties of natural and semi-precious stones. Moreover, we also stock engineered materials to meet all the modern-day needs.

Countertop installation in Long Island NY

We deal with more than 200 varieties of natural and engineered materials to fulfill your needs. We are manufacturing, fabricating, and installation company; therefore, we can surely meet your custom needs and get things installed for you.

Some of the major materials we work with are:

  • Marble

It is one of the running materials that has never gone off the chart. With rich color shades, mirror-like finish, and dynamic appearance, it is one of the favorites of all interior designers. We work with this material of different grades, tones, and varieties.

  • Granite

A very common material used for kitchen counter-tops or commercial slabs. It is famous for its toughness, rich look, and cost-friendly prices. However, that’s not all about granite, because it comes in a number of varieties. And some of its patterns are so unique that you would fall in love with them. Right from pinks to greys and blacks, the color of granites depends on the composition of minerals. And with us, you can find nearly all of the shades as per your interior needs.

  • Limestone

A very common material used in architecture, nowadays it has become the favorites for corner pieces in interiors. This material is easy to cut or carve. And with variations ranging from grey to yellows, this material is definitely to go for customized needs.

Apart from these three, we keep onyx – for all those interested in Long Island quartz countertops. We also deal with semi-precious stones like travertine and quartzite. And finally, our list cannot end without mentioning today’s modern materials like glass and tiles. Therefore, you can find nearly everything that you seek with us.

Best stone fabricators and installers in Long Island

We are a family-owned company and have been in business for the last 40 years. AG Marble has good experience as well as expertise when it comes to working with natural stones. Every variety of stone needs different force and pressure to carve in the desired shape. We are the best stone fabricators in Long Island, and you can rely on us for all such details. You can contact us to get more information about your customized need for natural stones.

Stone Fabricators Long Island
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