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Trenchless Water Main Replacement Services

Why Choose Tap-Roots for Trenchless Water Main Replacement Services:

Just because you’re replacing a water line, that doesn’t mean you have to dig up your back yard. At Tap-Roots, our trenchless, no-dig method of main water line replacement is quick and affordable. If you have to repair or replace clogged or damaged water or sewer lines, give us a call to discuss your options. You’ll find trenchless service is the way to go.

More and more of our customers are turning to trenchless water main replacement services for a variety of reasons. Top on the list is the fact that these newer methods are much less invasive. That means we’ll be able to make repairs to your lines, or partial replacements when necessary without having to disturb your sidewalk, road, driveway or yard. Older methods often required a special permit from the city to shut down your street to make repairs.

It’s no secret that trenchless repairs can save you thousands of dollars in labor over traditional methods. Without the need to excavate, you’ll not only save a lot of money on labor costs, but as well, by avoiding the need to rent expensive equipment to dig up your lines and bury them again when the work is completed. We invite you to give us a call at Tap-Roots to discuss the details of your plumbing issue. Our 24-hour emergency number is 604-263-7676.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of trenchless water main replacement services is the fact that they can be completed in half the time, compared with traditional methods. Using trenchless technology to complete the job, we can finish up in as little as 2 days in many cases. In fact, we’ll have your lines back up and in service in less time than it would normally take to pull permits and rent equipment.

If you’re wondering whether trenchless line repair or replacement is the right call for your needs, the answer is probably yes. This method can solve a wide range of difficult problems, and can address underground piping repairs and replacements underneath landscaping and buildings, blocked pipes that have root damage, improperly installed pipes that constantly pose problems, cracked pipes due to ground movement, pipes damaged by freezing and thawing, and lines that are too small to meet the needs of the household.

If you notice any of the signs or symptoms of a broken water line, give us a call at Tap-Roots immediately. Obvious signs include areas of your yard that never seem to dry out, a higher than normal water bill, and a meter that moves even when your water valve is shut off. We’ll be happy to come out and meet with you to determine the cause of the issue and discuss your repair or replacement options with you. We’ll help you determine the best and most cost-efficient method to restore your lines with the least amount of interruption.

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