***WE HAVE RETURNED AS MANY MESSAGES FROM HURRICANE IAN AS WE COULD!!!*** Unfortunately, nearly 100 messages were indecipherable due to poor connection, no phone number provided, etc… so if you left a message since 09-28-22 and have not heard back from us, it’s possible your message was affected. Please feel free to give us another call during business hours!

WE HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH ANY OTHER COMPANIES!!! “Sarasota Fencing” (renamed as Sarasota Custom Fence) and “Sarasota Fence Company” are entirely different companies (we are Sarasota Fence, Inc.) created by an individual to cause confusion and take advantage of our customers and our reputation. We are also aware of another individual claiming to have purchased our company, which is false: we have never been and will never be for sale. We were founded by O.T., who remains the current owner to this day.

Fencing Sarasota Beautiful Since 1992

About US

Sarasota Fence, Inc. was started by O.T. in 1992 and has always been based in beautiful Sarasota, Florida! Before starting the company, O.T. was a fence installer for 10 years prior. Today, he is still the owner and we remain a small, family-owned and operated company to maintain the high quality we’ve become renowned for. We are proud and look forward to continuing to Fence Sarasota Beautiful for years to come.

We work on residential and commercial properties, and build fences in a wide variety of materials and styles. Explore our Products page to see everything we do and check out our Photo Gallery to see examples of our work. Call us today to schedule a free estimate! (941) 351-8989.