IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be advised that "Sarasota Fencing" (renamed as Sarasota Custom Fence) and "Sarasota Fence Company" are entirely different companies (we are Sarasota Fence, Inc.) and have no affiliation with us. They were created by an individual to cause confusion and take advantage of our customers and our reputation. We are also aware of another individual claiming to have purchased our company. This is not true; we have never been and will never be for sale. We were founded by O.T., who remains the current owner, and his daughter Liz will take control once he retires.

WE ARE A VERY SMALL FAMILY-OWNED AND OPERATED COMPANY ESTABLISHED IN 1992! We consist only of O.T. (the owner & morning estimator), his wife Leigh (the office manager), their daughter Liz (head manager & afternoon estimator), and two crews of two installers. There are NO other estimators, office staff, or subcontractors. We are not hiring, now or in the future, as we do not have the space for, the time to train, or the time to manage additional employees. This is important context for understanding our FAQ answers below and the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in.

I REACHED OUT ON 9/28 OR LATER, WHY HAVEN'T I GOTTEN A CALL BACK YET?We apologize for the delay. If you are a previous customer, please rest assured that we received your message and you were automatically added to the queue for a callback. During this time, we received requests from nearly one thousand individuals, with 25% of those being before 10/3. We're also struggling to make outgoing calls due to the high frequency of calls we continue to receive. We set up a second phone and line specifically to return calls, but that number was promptly leaked and is now also inundated with incoming calls. We are returning calls in the order they were received, although we only have one person able to return calls and schedule estimates, and both of our phone lines continue to be barraged with incoming calls.

We will remove anyone from the queue for inappropriate behaviors, such as: calling repeatedly (3 or more times since your first message), leaving multiple voicemails or emails (3 or more total), entering our shop without an appointment (trespassing), harassing our installers while they're working on another customer's property, or approaching us during off hours (out in public at night/on the weekend, reaching out through our personal numbers/emails at any time). We understand everyone is frustrated, but these behaviors are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

WHAT IF I AM A NEW CUSTOMER AND NEED FENCE WORK?We apologize for the inconvenience, but we're not accepting new customers at this time. New customers include neighbors to our existing customers, referrals, and anyone who received a quote prior to Hurricane Ian but did not proceed within the 7-day deadline. This has been noted online and in our voicemail greeting, so these messages will not be responded to. Please do not request an exception or to be added to a list (which we don't have), as we don't plan to accept new customers until at least late 2023 (or whenever our workload returns to normal). At that time, we will re-open on Google, re-publish our website, and resume answering the phone.

WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS AS AN EXISTING CUSTOMER? We ONLY repair fences that we originally installed, so please keep that in mind if we've only installed a portion of your fencing, or if you have an additional property we haven't worked on.

We do, however, take down and haul away any existing fence, whether or not we installed it. Replacing it with a new fence is not required.

If you do want to install a new fence, your material options are: wood (pressure-treated pine only), PVC (white, tan, aged cedar, or chestnut brown only), aluminum picket (black powder-coated residential grade only), chain link (galvanized or vinyl-coated), and galvanized non-climb field mesh.

We are unable to offer any other products or services (such as other woods, composites, mélange/slip, invisible fence, baby barrier, landscaping, painting/staining, property surveys, electrical work, automatic gate openers, debris removal, etc).

WHAT WILL BE YOUR LEAD TIME ONCE YOU CALL ME? As of 11/11, we are approximately 3 weeks behind on returning calls, 1 month out on estimate appointments, and 6 months out on completing newly approved projects. Please keep in mind that these timeframes are extremely tentative, unpredictable, and subject to change due to numerous factors outside of our control.

I CAN'T WAIT 6 MONTHS, CAN'T YOU SQUEEZE ME IN SOONER? We apologize, but we do not offer emergency services or rush charges. All of our customers have been vital to our success over the years, and we appreciate their continued business equally. It would be unfair and disrespectful to put some customers above others because they may have "easier" projects, or can afford to pay more. There will be no exceptions, so if your job is urgent or time-sensitive, we strongly encourage you to reach out to one of our larger competitors.

CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE I CURRENTLY AM IN THE QUEUE? We apologize, but we do not have the time to respond to all of the requests for "personal confirmation" that a message was received, updated installation queue placement, attempt to further narrow down your lead time, etc. All confirmation emails have an estimated lead time for work completion, please refer to that section in that email.

We appreciate your patience, understanding, and cooperation!
The Tellez Family